Ryan was born and raised in Decatur, IL and graduated with a BA in Communications from the University of Illinois.  A passion for fitness is among his earliest interests still remaining with him today.  Ryan can’t imagine his life without a structured exercise and nutrition protocol.  The process of transformation is Ryan’s stimulation.  It could be the physical body, in nature, or simply a person's fashion/hair. In his adolescent years, he was active, always participating in a variety of organized and recreational sports. In an attempt to look like a fitness model in magazines, he found himself being exhausted.  You could find him doing crunches, pushups, running miles upon miles, but for some reason he just stayed thin. During college, he was elected to take a semester of basic weightlifting and it changed his life, his focus, and he found what would become his calling. He began to think about his passions; something that would not feel like work and could also allow him change people’s lives. Something that would be fulfilling him personally and financially; the answer was obvious: To inspire and motivate a fit lifestyle. Ryan is now a PROPTA certified private trainer and nutrition consultant.  


He has owned and operated Ryan Van Dyke Fitness for the last 6 years.  Ryan started competing in the NPC Men's Physique division.  This has allowed him many opportunities in the fitness industry. He has worked with some amazing coaches such as Chris Aceto, and Sherlyn Roy who guided him through his own personal transformation.  He has a newfound confidence in regards to his business mindset with his clientele through this structured lifestyle. Ryan has been a catalyst of change to many who have crossed his path. Seeing someone's personal confidence shine by means of their transformed physicality is Ryan’s reward; a healthy and balanced mind, body & soul. He demonstrates consistency and leads with passion.