Paige Marie Hathaway is a fitness model and entrepreneur; online trainer and nutritionist; and National Level NPC Bikini competitor. She is currently a full-time spokesperson for Shredz and the co-owner of an EBook series being launched summer of 2013. Paige played soccer since the age of 5 but after 12 years of competitive soccer and the life lessons learn through athletics, Paige knew she needed a new focus/direction. It wasn't until her early 20s that she was introduced to weight training and proper nutrition. In 2011, she was approached by a local trainer in Oklahoma City and together they set a goal to complete in her first state Bikini Show. She quickly became addicted to the improvements that were being made to her body, mind and lifestyle. After four short months of training Paige placed 2nd at the Ronnie Coleman; the biggest state show in the United States and little did she know her life would never be the same. Opportunities arose and doors opened, while her  following went from a couple hundred to a quarter of a million in less than 6 months.  By combining her new love for fitness, her passion for helping people and her influence on her colleagues, Paige has been able to inspire thousands. She believes anyone's struggles can be overcome from her own personal experiences and that impossible is nothing.