Jessica Cisneros is a NPC  figure competitor from the Bay Area. Jessica’s passion for fitness started as a young girl in the garage with her dad, pumping iron. After high school she took it to a whole new level. She hired a prep coach and a personal trainer and dived head first in to the NPC.

Starting out as a Bikini Competitor, Jessica found herself intrigued by the physique of the Figure competitors and decided to compete at the figure level. Jessica placed 2nd in her first show as a “Figure Chick.” She has qualified Nationally in her 2 previous shows and is currently training for her IFBB Pro card. Featured in FitnessRX magazine and Max Muscle Magazine, Jessica Cisneros means business.

Currently a business woman working full time in San Francisco for an aspiring software company, Jessica manages to balance work, fitness, meals, boyfriend,  friends, family and goals all while keeping an amazing smile on her face.