Muscle Beach is a reality series based on the spirit and lifestyle of iconic Muscle Beach located in the heart of Venice Beach, California. The series follows eight friends under 30 pursuing their dreams in the fitness industry, who are all a part of the racy Venice Beach scene.


The cast consists of four males and four females of both professional and amateur ranking. The series takes the viewer deep into the lifestyle of its cast members.


It not only exposes the fears, frustrations, joys and conflicts of their personal lives and relationships, it highlights their struggles to achieve greatness in a highly competitive industry. Through the cast the audience at home will get a behind the scene glimpse into the fitness industry and experience the conflict, pressure and excitement it generates. The storyline introduces the viewers to the sponsors, promoters and magazines that help shape define and drive the industry.  "Muscle Beach" brings to reality television not only an unprecedented aesthetic beauty, but a force that viewers have not yet experienced.