Hector Ruiz Romo was born in LA and has resided in Southern California the majority of his life . During his  infancy, he lived some years in Aguascalientes, Mexico where he found the devout love and discipline for Martial Arts at the age of 4 and began competing nationally in Tae Kwon Do. In high school he was an avid practitioner of Wrestling, Boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Being 6'3" wrestling 160 lbs and tired of having had a very slender frame throughout his whole life he made the decision to start focusing his efforts to building a strong, sculpted and aesthetic body. He made a commitment and became diligent about it making it happen.


As he was going about his training routine at the gym he stopped and stared at an old man who could have easily been my grandfathers age... Yet this guy undoubtedly carried around the best physique in the entire LA fitness! Without a second thought he rushed to speak to him and possibly obtain some type of precious knowledge on how to cultivate such a body. To his surprise he quickly redirected him to his coach Guillermo Escalante PhD. With a Doctorate degree in Athletic Training and being a bodybuilder himself, he decided to go and see him and see changes in his body like he had never seen before... And with determination and relentlessness they undoubtedly did.


Today, Hector is a National Level Men's Physique Competitor, Fitness Model and NASM Fitness trainer. He operates HRfit, where he is able to motivate, inspire, and guide others in their own fitness journey. With drive and determination anything is possible, as he likes to say "Dream, Believe, Act, Achieve".