Born and raised as a Mid-Western gentleman from Missoula, Montana with big city dreams; Derek headed to Los Angeles craving the beaches after graduating from the University of Illinois.  Derek doesn’t believe in saying no to any experience that might change his life.  Shortly after making his move, he quickly found his passion and his transformation began when he started competing in the NPC Men's Physique Division in 2011.  He is now focusing his attention on growing his business and has made competing more of a personal hobby in an industry, which he will always maintain close ties.  Derek has a passion for life and has taught many people consistent nutrition, as well as how to look and feel sexy through fitness.  Allowing for explosive confidence, radiating into all aspects, of a balanced mind body & soul connected lifestyle. Derek is not living if he is not constantly challenged, or becoming more self aware and taking on my fears.  He is a sponge for knowledge, a risk taker and thrives on experience.  He likes to quietly observe and always strike with intent.  Derek is not afraid to fail as it always directs him to his next conquest.  Tell him NO and he will show you he WILL!