Burton Hughes was born in Westerville Ohio growing up as a very active child and playing almost every sport under the sun!  Due to being underweight for many years of his life, he made the decision to hire a personal trainer and a dietician in order to build on his physique.  Within 9 months of training, he had racked up 3 bodybuilding titles as well as a Mr. Ohio title in the 2010 Men's Open Lightweight division.  He then decided to switch over to the Men's Physique Division and to his surprise he won and was awarded his IFBB Pro Card, which drastically changed his career path.  Burton’s discipline and determination has allowed him to go places much higher than his imagination would allow. His tenacity for wanting to be the best in whatever he does also comes at a price; and he has had to make some tough choices in his personal life in order to follow his dreams.  Burton lives by the famous quote: "Chance favors the prepared Man."  Louis Pasteur