Ally Spoon, is an aspiring NPC bikini competitor from Glendale, Arizona. She started working at Pure Fitness at the age of 16 and instantly fell in love with the gym. She has always loved to workout, yet she never saw herself competing like she is now.  Ally wanted to stay in shape in order to pursue a modeling and promotions career. She has been dieting and training for the last 6 months in preparation for her first NPC show.  Her ultimate goal is to qualify for nationals and compete in Las Vegas on July 26-27, 2013 with my team AIP.

Overall, her fitness goal is to build more muscle mass and lose more fat.  Ally’s goal is to be sponsored by Line One Nutrition and believes she would make an excellent Line One Nutrition model.  She take care of her body and wants nothing more than to make her dreams a reality by becoming a Pro Npc Bikini Competitor in the near future.